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Personal and Corporate Taxes
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Trusted for
over 10 years

For over ten years, our clients have trusted us for their accounting, bookkeeping, and taxation needs. Through our specialized services and packages, we have been able to provide you with exactly what you require.

Our Services

Our Services

We have specialized services for all your needs, whether you are a small-medium-sized business, taxi or truck driver, or even a student. Give us a call to discuss how we can make your life easier with our financial expertise.




We provide hassle-free bookkeeping services by using processes that help reduce errors and manage your accounting system seamlessly.

$99.99 to $199.99

Personal Taxes

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per return

Convenient, accurate and affordable tax preparation services. We include every benefit, credit and deduction to which you're entitled.

$49.99 to $74.99

GST/HST Returns


per return

We help small-medium businesses to determine tax credits, expenses and deductions that help you save money and strategize the best method for filing returns. 

$49.99 to $99.99



per payroll run

We provide customized payroll services based on your business needs. Whether you have salaried employees or part-time, we can create the perfect solution.

$49.99 to $74.99*



varies according to type

We provide complete set-up services for your business including licenses, structural changes, documentation, incorporation and winding up.

$25 onwards

Package 999


for turnover under $100,000

Bookkeeping, Corporation Return, Personal Taxes of Owner, Next Year Tax Planing for businesses with turnover under $100,000


Corporation Taxes

Business Meeting

per return

We help small to medium businesses calculate tax obligations, plan and prepare taxes, identify allowances and exemptions, and so much more.

$499 onwards

Sole Proprietor Tax

Image by Faizur Rehman

per return

Filing taxes as a self-employed person can be overwhelming. Let us take all the guesswork out of your hands and do your returns with applicable deductions. 



Package $1499

Untitled design (1).png

for turnover over $100,000

Bookkeeping, Corporation Return, Personal Taxes of Owner, Next Year Tax Planing, T4 Returns for businesses with turnover over$100,000


Me and my friend both had a really wonderful experience with Tax Guru. She will not only pay your taxes on affordable charges but will also give you wise advice related to tax returns. Fast and trustworthy service.

Mansi Tomar

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